The Commons - Premier Retirement Living in the Heart of Enid

Intergenerational Program

The Commons is honored to have joined with CDSA and Enid Public Schools for the forward thinking push into the Intergenerational Approach to learning and living. Our mission, vision and philosophy are helping to enhance the community in which we live and serve.

The Commons United Methodist Health Care Center is part of an educational program for 4 year olds, an Intergenerational Approach to Learning, which benefits both children and The Commons residents alike. The program integrates reading activities, music and student celebrations with "grandmas and grandpas" and provides a unique atmosphere for learning, caring and cooperation.

The Commons 4-year-old program is a collaborative effort between the United Methodist Health Care Center, Enid Public Schools and CDSA/Smart Start Northwest Oklahoma. The project is fully funded by Enid Public Schools and an Innovative Project Grant through Smart Start Oklahoma from the Inasmuch Foundation. The grant provides a professional teacher and assistant through Enid Public Schools.

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