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Our Medical Director

A few words from our Medical Director
Dr. Daniel Washburn

I’ve been a resident of Enid for over 30 years. My background is in Internal Medicine with sub-specialties in Endocrinology, Metabolism and Hypertension. I’ve been a healthcare provider in Enid for many years working within a private practice as well as hospital and skilled nursing settings.

I have been the Medical Director at The Commons since 2000. I have always cared for many patients at The Commons but in recent years have been more involved with many of the patients who are in the skilled short-term rehab unit. Although other nursing homes have skilled short-term rehab services, I feel the excellent therapists and superb nursing care at The Commons allows us to render the fine care we have always strived for. Additionally, my training in Internal Medicine and many years of practice caring for older patients help all of us diagnose and treat varied health issues as they arise.

The statistics of our length of stay and low incidence of readmission to the hospital shows our dedication to delivering excellent care without keeping patients away from their homes any longer than necessary. The fact that I work closely with the surgeons and neurologists of the rehabilitation unit makes the transition to The Commons very easy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to bring one of my own family members here. In fact, a few years ago when my grandmother-in-law was in the hospital and could not return back home, my wife and I picked The Commons.

Patients always have the right to go to the facility of their choosing, however the excellent reputation of The Commons encourages many patients to requests transfers to The Commons when appropriate.

We always have been and remain dedicated to the care of the older patients of Northwest Oklahoma.



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